Essay: Can Technological Singularity Really Occur

Essay: Can Technological Singularity Really Occur
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While everybody who believes in the Technological Singularity agrees that once it occurs, the changes it will bring will be tremendous, however, it is also an important consideration to make whether the Technological Singularity will occur at all. There is a great chance that the Technological Singularity will occur as it has been shown in the literature that similar events have also occurred in the past as well.

For example, considering the economy of the world, Angus Maddison drew a world economic graph a few years ago, for almost everything in the world, from the existence of mankind till to date. From this graph, it has been observed that though the world economy showed a steady growth pattern for thousands of years, with the size of economy doubling every 900 years. But somewhere in the near past, may be a few centuries ago, this growth saw a tremendous increase thereby forming a curve that was exponential as compared to the previous graph line. If we go through history, it will reveal that this tremendous increase in the growth rate of the world’s economy occurred due to the Industrial Revolution. This revolution can be considered a singularity due to the fact that it increased the growth rate of the world economy to an unprecedented rate. That is, if we could locate ourselves in years before the industrial revolution, we could not have predicted the changes the industrial revolution would bring in, and thus would be in a similar situation as we are now. Looking further back into the history, we can also locate another event which could be considered a singularity that is it also revolutionized the pace of modernization and economy when it occurred. This event the transition to an economy based on agriculture which occurred thousands of years ago.

History shows us that, millions of years ago, our ancestors used to live as hunters and gatherers. The population of the world was very low, and it is estimated that the doubling of the population occurred every quarter of a million years. However, as they began to settle down and live as farmers around 10,000 years ago, communities began to form. These communities grew so fast that they quickly formed most of the world population. The growth rate of the population also increased tremendously with the population doubling every 900 years, which was around 250 times the increase. This event created a major shift in the world population and the way economy was handled, thus bringing in changes which are totally unprecedented before. The occurrence of these two events in the past greatly backs up the hypothesis of Technological Singularity, as we find ourselves in a similar position as people would have found themselves just before the other two singularity events. It can be said with confidence, that nobody in the past would have predicted the changes that the move to agriculture from hunting and that industrial revolution would have brought so many changes or even in the possibility of them occurring (Hanson, 2008).

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