Essay: Canadian Need for HRM

Essay: Canadian Need for HRM
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The key components that Canada lacked before the onslaught of globalization were the lack of human resource to carry out the development and growth activity in the regions. As a result the productivity of the country and the output level was relatively less for the size of the nation. With the occurrence of globalization people moved into new regions, willing to work hard and build new lives after the wars. Aside from this the public sector organizations also revised their business processes during the war to work efficiently with fewer resources. This enabled the industries to be efficient and work on less input while delivering an increased amount of output. This raised the level of productivity in the country.

Aside form this after the world war two reconstructions again began in the countries all over the world and this time there was a new resource available to the business which pertained to the intelligence information and the information technology. This led to the formation of integrative technologies, computer system and high-end communication devices and software like the internet.

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