Essay: The Cannes Film Festival

Essay: The Cannes Film Festival
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The film premiered at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival is a prestigious event where the world’s best filmmakers come to show their works (Cannes). Additionally, the film ranked number one in the list of foreign films chosen by the Bengal Film Journalists Association beating out Judgment at Nurembeurg. Additionally, the association also honored Alfred Hitchcock with the best director award (Limited). Though it did not win an academy award, the film was nominated in the category of special effects. The film was also nominated for best picture at the Edgar Allen Poe awards. Tippi Hedren who plays Melanie in the film received a Golden Globe in the Most Promising Newcomer – Female category (IMDB).

The influence of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie the Birds is undeniable as it is legendary. If the true test of an art form is to inspire debate within the public regarding its meaning and its purpose then the film The Birds accomplishes that splendidly. Not only does the film offer several forays into the realm of filmmaking which were innovative for its time. It also establishes Alfred Hitchcock as a premiere filmmaker and stands high among his greatest achievements in movies such as Psycho and Rear Window.

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