Essay: Capability Maturity Model

Essay: Capability Maturity Model
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The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) was initially developed as a tool for impartially appraising the competency and skill of various government contractors on software projects, the general model has since been modified to be implemented in a variety of services. It offers a guide for various organizations to effectively augment their performance and refine processes across departments.

The system is not only beneficial for setting objectives which are directly linked to the interests of the organization, but also increases the ability for executives to oversee the performance of their respective organizations and ensure that their contractual requirements are met and/or exceeded (Paulk, Weber, Garcia, Chrissis, & Bush, 1993).

Additionally, the system continuously enables, acclimates and assimilates new methodologies which can be implemented to utilize the capabilities of professionals in the most efficient manner possible while diminishing the effects of any problems which may occur during the development and application of software processes (University, 2010).

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