Essay: Car Manufacturing Companies

Essay: Car Manufacturing Companies
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Even in those days other car manufacturing companies were taking measures for their growth and survival by merging with other companies. Porsche made sure that it would maintain its integrity and independence as long as possible in future. Obviously there is never any surety in this business, it is always unpredictable. Just like that Porsche had claimed for this on very practical grounds, there was certain logic behind that. The logic was to keep the firm in the running state with the steps for present and future and the flexibility to accommodate any changes in plan (Porsche AG, 2008).

Hence the very famous business strategy in organizations failed in front of Porsche’s independent, small size volume-producer automobile manufacturer. The strategy was that the small organizations can only survive if they have an upper hand of any bigger corporate organization. Porsche disproved this claim in its early days (Porsche AG, 2008).

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