Essay: Career Risks taken by Johnny Depp

Essay: Career Risks taken by Johnny Depp
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An example of such a risk that Johnny Depp took in his career was taking up the lead role in the movie Ed Wood. This was a role of a director renowned for making bad movies. He was told by friends, costars that the role was very weak and would deteriorate his image but ironically Johnny was adamant that would be a wonderful movie. Finally, he went ahead and took the role. The movie was released and Johnny won an Academy Award. What I perceive is that Johnny’s dedication and perseverance were so strong that he knew what was right for him (Biography for Johnny Depp).

I read in an interview, Salisbury (2010) that Johnny Depp’s dedication to his work is immense and that was reflected in his filming of the movie “Once Upon A Time in Mexico”. This movie required shooting in the heat of the summer (Depp, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp interview for Alice In Wonderland).

Because Johnny chose this to be his ideal role, he went ahead and shot for one continuous week working around twelve to sixteen hours every day. What makes him different is that any top actor would not work in the best of the conditions as well for more than eight hours at a stretch.

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