Essay: Casino Management

Essay: Casino Management
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In order to successfully manage a casino, the areas in which a manager of a modern day casino has to be well versed in include gaming control, gaming taxes, currency reporting, credit, collections, slot management, table game operations along with the mathematics behind them and player rating systems(Kilby, Fox and Lucas). However, on a macro level, the manager of a modern day casino has to face a number of issues such as the implications that are reflected on probability as a result of high-roller marketing schemes, the potential changes in casino profits that can be caused by the implementations of money management systems, the unexpected phases that a casino may go through during development as a result of external variables and the principles that form the foundations of the management of ever expanding and evolving casino floor designs.

An idea of the immense nature of operations that a single modern day casino can span can be gathered from the fact that at any time, a casino may be managing more than twenty different operations. It is essential to highlight that these operations are beside the rudimentary gaming operations that are the feature presentation of every casino. For the sake of elaboration, if one was to consider only the food service department of a casino, there are countless possible methodologies that a casino can employ to operate its food service (White). A restaurant may choose to employ a lease based agreement with an external food service provider or it may choose to establish and operate its own restaurants. The operation then further branches out into issues such as the amount of space that is allotted to the restaurant and the manner in which the space is used and the degree of integration that the restaurant is allowed to maintain with the gaming operations and the factor of the hiring of celebrity chefs and the like.

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