Essay: What caused the disaster at Chernobyl

Essay: What caused the disaster at Chernobyl
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The disaster of Chernobyl was caused by a sequence of actions in a nuclear reactor i.e. automatic shutdown mechanisms were disabled, the coolant water was reduced, elevation of power output. The disaster broke out when the operator came to shut the reactor down due to its unbalanced readings and its previous blunders; this caused a huge rush of power.

How many people did it affect and what are the long-term effects?

(Lovgren, 2004). The immediate effects were the life losses.  The long-term effects are being seen even today in the form of acute health issues, psychological, economic issues.

How is uranium used to generate electricity and how are the byproducts handled?

(World Nuclear Association, 2008). A very little amount of uranium is required for the extraction of electricity and the waste product is also in a lesser amount. The waste product of nuclear energy can be returned back to earth by graving them.

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