Essay: Changing Face of the Education System

Essay: Changing Face of the Education System
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With nearly 7 billion people around the world now having access to an internet connection, the internet has become a medium to be reckoned with (Internet World Stats 2009). A conference on the changing face of the education system found the response to the use of the internet as a learning tool to be overwhelmingly positive (Scoffield, 1999). Another research article found that a high number of Sudanese doctors and students use the internet in their research and work with 78.9%of them saying they had used the internet with 35% of them saying it substantially helped them in their work (Ahmed, Yousif and Abdalla 2008).

Yet another research by the national school board showed in a poll of 9-17 year olds that 59% of them spent their time online discussing education related topics while 50% of them discussed schoolwork (Nagel, 2006).However the with the creation of this entire open web of information there is also a dark side. Since the internet is a vast open network there is no true monitoring authority which can ensure that all the information on it is accurate and valid. Thus there are several sites on the web which are prone to having false and misleading information. A site known as is one of the most elaborate and extensive sources for information on the internet. The site purports to be one where the truth is managed democratically by its user. This enables any user to add information of his/her own free will to the site and then certify it as truth. Although, has changed its mode of operations by encouraging users to cite sources now instead of simply providing random information. The damage to its reputation has still made it an unreliable source of information in the educational world.

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