Essay: Channelizing Negative Sentiments by Playing Video Games

Essay: Channelizing Negative Sentiments by Playing Video Games
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Some children are shy by nature. They don’t have the capability to express their emotions in a vocal way. These emotions can sometimes be negative as well and suppression of these emotions can have an adverse effect on their developing mind. Video games provide them with a way to get their negative emotions out in the virtual world. By channeling their frustrations to video games, they are able to remain much more emotionally stable than they would be otherwise. By playing video games on the Internet with a player from another country, the concept of friendship without a cast, color or creed also develops in them. Though long hours spent by playing video games are often the target of criticism, doing this also has a benefit as well. By staying at home and playing video games, children stay away from bad companies and do not get involves in negative activities such as vandalism and drugs (Oak, 2008).

Parents Responsibilities

In the above discussion, we have presented both negative and positive effects of video games. However, anything that is left on its own always has the tendency to become dangerous. Similar is the case of effects of video games. The majority of responsibilities lies with the parents who should take interest in keeping an eye of the usage of video games by their children.

Stay in Control

The most effective way for parents to keep their children away from negative effects of the video games is to stay in control, and the key to this control is moderation. It is the responsibility of the parent to divide time between education and play, restrict the number of hours per week and set up time slots for children to play video games. Furthermore, parents should also make it compulsory for children to complete their homework before they get access to video console and avoid putting computers or video game consoles in the bedroom of their children. This way, parents will not only be able to make sure that children don’t get addicted to video games but also can keep a watch on their activities (Hacker, 2009).

Keeping an Eye on Children

Parents should also make efforts to be vigilant of their child when it comes to video games. It is the responsibility of parents to help their children make an appropriate choice for a video game which is not only fun but also engaging and spurs creativity. It should not create an emotion of over frustration and encourage violence in children. It should also be understood by parents, that all children are not same. Some children, in their minds, are unable to differentiate between the reality of life and fantasy of video games. It is the responsibility of parents to have good knowledge and understanding of their children so that they can make appropriate decisions (Child Development Institute, 2009).

It has also been observed that some children are sneaky, some children have parents who spoil them and many have parents who don’t care much about what video games their children play. Even if parents don’t watch what video game their child is buying, it is their responsibility to sit down and play it with their child and if something inappropriate comes up in the game, then they should provide an explanation to their child in order to create a sense of responsibility and appropriate decision making in him (Haddad, 2008).

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