Essay: Characteristics of Bradford University Students

Essay: Characteristics of Bradford University Students
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The data and information collected from the Bradford University, its marketing communication representatives and the international students depicted that the university has enrolment of international students that form approximately 20% of new students.

This figure could be considered to be significant as, it means that almost one-fifth of its entire student population is international.  However, little is still known on the actual intended target of international students into the UK higher education sector as the literature review has shown that the targets are mainly income/financial based.  The degree programmes that are favoured by international students include Engineering, Business Management and Life Sciences, which suggest an emphasis on degree programmes that are essential for the construction and development of their host economies.  One could also assume that the host countries also have an active policy of encouraging knowledge and skills acquisition in these areas as international students enrol on undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree programmes in these subject areas.  This is not only indicative of knowledge and skills acquisition, but it also re-affirms the UK higher education sector’s reputation quality as international students are not only coming from developing countries in Africa and Asia, but they are also coming from North America and Europe.

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