Essay: Characters in the play “Angels and Demons”

Essay: Characters in the play “Angels and Demons”
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The one character in the play whose role depicts this theme all along is Prior Walter, a man of noble descent but a homosexual, and one with AIDS. The concept of Perestroika, or reorganization is one that would involve a situation that was previously in disarray or chaos, and is then ‘fixed’ by restructuring or change.

In Prior’s case, his life is full of misery and problems. First, he discovers he has AIDS—a pronouncement of death, and one that would taint his life in society for as long as he lives. After discovering his diagnosis, his lover Louis leaves him, after he finds tending to Prior unmanageable. Prior is left without love and support and with a struggle for his life. However, this does not break him, or make him want to hurt those who hurt him, including Roy, a homosexual lawyer who has a vendetta against homosexuals. To add to the horror, Prior is visited by angels who want to make a prophet out of him, and such supernatural incidents haunt him continuously.

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