Essay: Chemistry of Hazardous Materials

Essay: Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
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Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a naturally occurring mineral acid which is known for being soluble in water at any concentration. The most common substance in such cultural makers is Limestone which i calcium carbonate (CaCO3) a weak base. The primary way in which these two substances react on these structures is by way of acid rain. The creation of acid rain is directly tied to the solubility of Sulfuric acid in water, while the presence of sulfur dioxide significantly increases the chances of a corrosive reaction occurring between the two substances.

In the air sulfur dioxide undergoes the following chemical reactions to become sulfuric acid:

SO2 + H2O –> H2SO3

SO3 + H2O –> H2SO4

This reaction is known as acidification of sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid. This acid precipitation in the air allows it to react with calcium carbonate in the following way:

CaCO3 + H2SO4 –> CaSO4 + H2CO3

This reaction is an acid-base neutralization reaction where calcium sulfate and carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is by nature unstable in air therefore it breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.

H2CO3 –> CO2 gas + H2O

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