Essay: Chicano Art-Role in the Movement

Essay: Chicano Art-Role in the Movement
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Evolution of Chicano Art tends to be a major factor in the Movement. This art was fuelled by the uprising in the political activism and keyed up artistic satisfaction. Chicano illustrative art, music, literature, dance, theater and other forms of expression have prospered. During the 1900s, a surfacing of Chicano appearance urbanized into a full fledge Chicano Art Movement.

Chicanos urbanized an affluence of customary expression through media as making of prints, painting, hand drawing, sculpturing. Similarly, the literary form of art such as books, prose, poetry, short fiction and essays and theatrical plays have penned by the modern Chicano writers. Chicano, Mexican-American and Hispanic art centers, theater, festivals in which films were screened, art museums and art Galleria and many other art organizations have also grown in amount and collided since this time.

Most of the Chicano art, though, has been expelled from conventional museums and literary institutions[1]. That is one of the causes why Chicanos have formed so many of their own associations. There has been sustained growth of Chicano arts but its corroboration has not come from conventional art establishments. Only lately has Chicano art been displayed in a small number of conventional art museums.

Chicanos have gained a sturdy literary charisma in the Southwest an occurrence that has had the main authority on America’s art, language, literature, music, food, apparel, style of living. This is evident only if one gets to visit “Los Angeles, California, San Antonio, El Paso or Denver or Colorado”[2] to witness this occurrence. Cheech Marin’s gathering of Chicano art and its display and popularity throughout the nation is serving audiences widely who value the prosperity of the Chicano traditional customs[3].

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