Essay: Child’s Self Disclosure

Essay: Child’s Self Disclosure
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The analysis of the data is related to the techniques of data collection in the way that the data was collected by receiving responses in the form of questionnaire from the respondents, so it was analyzed through obtaining the mean, average, rating of the responses. For example, to gain the average rating about father’s rating of child’s self disclosure, ‘mean response’ on ‘sadness’, ‘anger at father’, ‘loneliness’, etc., were analyzed (Risman, 1986, p.99). In the discussion of the ‘impact of social class’ the researches analyzes the data as she states that over half of the most wealthy men (57.6%) hire ‘outside help’ for housekeeping, in cooking dinner they are likely to hire help ‘(tau b = .15, p= .05)’ (Risman, 1986, p.100).


The ‘major finding of the study’ is single fathers prove to be effective in mothering their children and that ‘most men felt comfortable and competent as single parents’ (Risman, 1986, p.95). Moreover Rasmin’s study correlates with the findings of the previous researches as well suggesting that ‘at least in their own perceptions, costudial fathers are competent as primary parents’ (Risman, 1986, p.101). In addition the study suggests that childhood experiences and sex roles do not create inflexible gender typed behavorial patterns’ (Risman, 1986, p. 101).

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