Essay: Chinese Society and Generational Conflicts

Essay: Chinese Society and Generational Conflicts
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Post Modern and Modern Literature play a prominent role in developing the past and present culture of China. Chinese people seem to relate effectively to these stories, fiction and history thus being able to find their own identity. In this paper we study two major authors in Chinese history. One of them is a fictional writer and the other a major historian, who reveal a great deal of knowledge about the thoughts, objectives and doubts of the Chinese people. A major concern of people living in the twentieth century is unsteadiness. The country was separated in a different ways by a variety of rulers, traditional values, and even though most of the people of China wanted “One China”, where everyone was united, there was a major generational conflict due to these traditions and values.

Families were always of utmost importance to the Chinese people as they usually lived in joint family systems. For example Chinese families customarily preferred sons compared to daughters and little children were treated as non humans always being reminded to live in their place. Love meant nothing to Chinese traditions and was usually viewed as a great threat to the communal and political systems. In order to restrain these occurrences of love and passion, rules were set up to control wedding, reproduction, heritage and the position for women. In China, Confucian viewpoint sermonized containment of family affection and matrimony was often viewed as a trade.

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