Essay: The Christian Perspective

Essay: The Christian Perspective
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Encounters with evil belong to the most fundamental of human experiences and all religions attempt to articulate a response to it. From a Christian perspective, the meaning of evil is broadened to include all natural and supernatural structures that do not allow people and communities to enjoy the fullness of life in Christ as purposed by God (John 10:10). The aggregate meaning of the various biblical expressions for evil, raah in Hebrew, and kakos or ponèros in Greek, is that which is bad and potentially distorts and destroys the meaning of life by alienating humankind from God. (Sandford, 1992)

Christian salvation thus encapsulates the biblical shalom, ‘the presence in a person, or a relationship of all that needs to be there’: healing from sickness, deliverance from demonic possession, freedom from servitude to sin, and redemption from the ultimate power of death. This inclusive soteriology is one that also speaks, for that matter, traditional view of abundant life. For instance supernatural evil is called mmusu. It is also widely used with the suffixal verb, yi (‘to remove’) in Mmusuyi to refer to situations in which deliverance from evil takes place. Morton Kelsey has noted that in the ministry of Jesus, healing also amounted to the removal of evil:

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