Essay: Christian Stoicism

Essay: Christian Stoicism
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Delilah’s character is portrayed as a brave yet humble woman who possesses innocent love for her White friend Miss Bea but is never under any inferior complex over her color as she says to her daughter that Lord has made her black so she must not interfere in His business but accept the fact without shame. It was believed by the critics that not only Delilah had faith in the ‘Christian stoicism’ but Beavers also possessed it (Bogle 59).

It is also argued that the ‘bow-your-head sentiments’ and ‘stoicism’ had problems with them as they served to present the character of a black ‘self-effacing’ and conducive to accept the ‘fate of inferiority’ as is witnessed in the film, Imitation of Life, where the ‘submissiveness’ of Delilah becomes a justification for her white friend (Bogle 57-59). Delilah’s daughter, Peola, is considered as a ‘tragic mulatto type’ who resists her color and the presumptions it appears to carry with it and deprives her of the opprtunities of the superior whites (Bogle 59). Peola betrays her community and ‘transcends the identity into which she is born’ (Hurst and Itzkovitz). It was for the first time that the ‘problem of negro’ was treated in Hollywood films for the very first time (Hurst and Itzkovitz).

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