Essay: Christianity is Platonism to common people

Essay: Christianity is Platonism to common people
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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born on October 15th, 1844 and died on August 25th, 1900. He was a great well-renowned philosopher and philologist in Europe during the 1800s. His works include significant texts on religious conviction, ethics, modern society, and philosophy which attribute German style of writing and exhibit a liking for image, satire, and cliché. Nietzsche’s work did not only influence philosophy but notably went on to influence existentialism and postmodernism (Bailey 705). His writing style and fundamentalism towards the value and impartiality of certainty have resulted in much explanation and understanding, mostly in the continental practice.

He started his career as a traditional philologist first and then moved on to contribute towards philosophy.

In the preface of the book Beyond Good and Evil (1966) Nietzsche remarks that Christianity was merely Platonism for the common people. Nietzsche also contends that truth is nothing but a “movable host of metaphors, metonymies, and anthropomorphisms, for instance, has turned out to be an absolute philosophy in relative literature being taught all over the world. But even if Nietzsche’s sarcastic attitude about reality, ethics, and faith seem commissioned for stylish intellectuals, in other respects he is barely what one would consider as politically correct.

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