Essay: Christ’s Commission to the Church

Essay: Christ’s Commission to the Church
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For Pentecostals, the integrated and interdependent nature of human life and existence means that human actions have consequences far beyond the control of those who initiate them.

The ministry of Christ as outlined in the Gospels reveals ‘an unquestioning tradition that Christ’s commission to the church included not simply the command to preach but also the command to heal and, even more definitely, to cast out demons.’  As Kirk points out, in the text Luke 4:18-19, the kingdom is understood as life free from the reign of all those forces that enslave humanity. In Ezekiel 18, the prophet addressed a people who were attributing their own present sufferings to the sins of preceding generations: ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge’. However the prophet rejected this saying, which he saw as the Israelites’ denial of their personal responsibility in the troubled times that the exile had brought upon them. At least the prophet and the people were in agreement over one thing, that the crisis was God’s punishment for sin. While the people blamed their wicked ancestors, the prophet argued that the events were punishment for the sins of those who were now suffering. (Sandford, 1992)

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