Essay: Cinema in Egypt

Essay: Cinema in Egypt
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Egypt, since 1930s has only the major motion picture industry which has a strong presence among all of the Arab countries especially in Cairo, the capital. The Egyptian cinema has a reflective power on the Arabs. The most powerful era of Egyptian cinema began in the 1940s and 1950s (Goldschmidt, 2000). Today, the supreme actor of the Egyptian cinema is the comic hero Adel Imam, whose biased spoof has produced him to be of respect among solemn audience and irregularly the antipathy of the government. (Goldschmidt, 2000).

The contemporary ambiance of exploiting and heavy leisure taxes have resulted in radically worsening the ideology of current Egyptian cinema.


From an infertile, deserted countryside to a green, prolific piece of land, Egypt has turned out to be a highly developed civilization of early times. Without their cleverness in mastering the authority of the Nile River, the lasting achievement to date would not have been possible.

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