Essay: Circumstances of Criminal Murder Case

Essay: Circumstances of Criminal Murder Case
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Some of the circumstances in this context include the following:

  • Searching the automobile of suspects or people showing suspicious behavior: Under this, the police is allowed to access and sift through the private belongings of the drivers and passengers in the car as well as search the vehicle as well

  • The police at the national and territorial borders of the country are allowed to search the suspicious people who might be crossing the border or showing the intention of crossing the border
  • Chimel rule: under this a warrantless search can be exercised after an arrest which has been made under constitutional and lawful conditions.
  • A warrantless search can also be employed where the owner, guardian or the caretaker who is responsible for the property gives consent to the state to search the property and seize any evidentiary material
  • Crime Scene Search: in a crime scene search the property automatically becomes the jurisdiction of the unit assigned to the case and as a result, they do not need warrants to search the premises or the location etc.

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