Essay: CLI Shell and Scripting

Essay: CLI Shell and Scripting
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An important feature of Command Line Interface (CLI) in an operating system such as Linux is that it allows for automation of task through the use of scripts. A script can be defined as a list of commands with their parameter attached as well as high-level language statements which are used to introduce conditions to evaluate the execution of those commands. Scripts are very power tools.

They not only allow for automation of various tasks through sequenced execution of commands, but they also allow for the addition of flow-control statements as well as variables in order add flexibility in the execution of those commands. Commands and statements found in a script are executed by the command line shell on line by line basis, evaluating the outcome of each line and directing the execution of statements within the script according to that outcome. The main advantage offered by Command Line Interface (CLI) through scripting, is that writing a script is much faster and easier than an equivalent code in high-level programming languages. Often, a desired functionality within the system can be achieved by use of multiple commands. Through scripting, the Command Line Interface (CLI) provide a quick way to interlink these commands and achieve the functionality in a much efficient way that coding in other programming languages. The use of operating systems by any other means does not offer this advantage (Weber, Figgins and Siever 2003).


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