Essay: Client Computers

Essay: Client Computers
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The Client computers or workstations can also become a target of malicious attacks. These attacks can be carried out locally on the computer or can originate remotely as well. For any business organization viruses, worm and Trojans are some of the biggest threat to the security of computers and the integrity of data that is stored on them. Protections from these malicious pieces of code can be achieved through anti-virus software as well as the use of firewall application (Shelly & Vermaat, 2009).

The access to computer can also be protected by the use of passwords, which can also be made secured by the use of alpha-numeric combination. Furthermore, access control can also be implemented by using biometric, smart card or RFID devices. Furthermore, to monitor the access to any system, Close Circuit Television (CCTV) as well as security guards can be used as well. In addition, it should also be ensured that all communication between the computers on the network takes place over secure channels.

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