Essay: Clustering in System i55

Essay: Clustering in System i55
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A cluster is a collection of independent server that appears as a single machine on the network. The purpose of clustering is to group together a number of systems to provide a single unified computing resource. The System i55 series servers offer the abilities of clustering which ensure 99.94% availability for critical application and data. The data residing in IASPs can be switched between servers using an HSL OptiConnect Loop which allows for data to be taken offline and online independent of the system and user ASPs. System i55 servers are defined into clusters as cluster nodes.

Each cluster can have up to 128 nodes which can be connected to each other using OptiConnect, WAN or LAN connectivity. All systems are managed through a single workstation which has a cluster management application installed. The System i55 servers also have Cluster Resource Services APIs which are used by application providers and client to enhance system availability and creation, configuration and administration of the cluster. These APIs include facilities such as heartbeat monitoring, reliable message delivery, switchover administration and distributed activities. The heartbeat monitoring facility ensures that each node is active. Failing of a node heartbeat means triggers the cluster failover procedure.  The capabilities of System i55 clustering include grouping of IASP that can be linked together, thread relative naming for control jobs attributes, use of multiple library namespace enabling duplicate library name across different namespaces, Cluster Hash Table Server for sharing and replication of non-persistent data between cluster nodes, cluster GUI enhancements, cluster node self restart ability on rejoin, user control of automatic failover and full support of cluster commands (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt, & Watson, 2006).

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