Essay: Cognitive Turbulence in Alzheimer’s Disease

Essay: Cognitive Turbulence in Alzheimer’s Disease
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Non-cognitive turbulence comes into view all over the disease course, impact considerably on the burden of care and usually impulsive to the caregiver’s choice to institutionalize the Alzheimer’s disease patient. Whether these indicative incidents are merely a purpose of the disease course, social-psychological phenomenon in reaction to the disease or a mixture of both are present the foundation of many hypotheses and need much broader investigation (Alzheimer, 1977).

All Alzheimer’s patients are individuals and their situation should be evaluated logically by the caregiver and relatives.At present, nearly seventy percent of these patients are cared for at home (Hesdorffer & Mayeux, 1990). It is essentially significant in any case for care providers to publicize themselves with Alzheimer’s disease and appreciate what they will meet psychologically and monetarily. As the illness progresses, patients ultimately need constant and continuous care. Community resources can help get extensive information regarding the day cares and welfare centers that can provide good care in time. They will provide assistance in providing care at present and also arrange for long-term prospects. They can help in dealing with the present and assist in planning for the future. Due to monetary constraints, not all families can provide care at their home. Most of the patients are sent to outside care providers as the final phase is about to begin. Nursing homes are a better choice for such however can be quite costly. If the family chooses a nursing home, the capability should be visited to decide its quality of care and its ability to meet the individual needs of the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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