Essay: E. Coli Outbreaks

Essay: E. Coli Outbreaks
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‘E. Coli outbreaks and outbreaks of other food-borne illnesses have been traced back to school lunches in the past’ (Attorney, 2009, p.20). This incident brought to light the importance of the food provided by the cafeterias in schools. The food by the cafeteria must be healthful as well as full of nutrition as the consumers of the food of cafeteria are young children whose health and immune systems are prone to the multifarious diseases and once they consume unhealthy food they fall ill and their studies are affected.

‘Congress is deciding whether to help schools pay to bring better food into the schools’ (Kfoury & Torquarto, 2003). From now on the government has pronounced various steps to sort out the acute problem of the food at schools and started many projects to improve the condition of the food at schools but the results have not been much fruitful.

Most of the schools do not allow the children to bring lunch from home and as a result, the children have to eat from the cafeteria of their schools (Kfoury & Torquarto, 2003). The food available in the cafeterias of schools has always been criticized for causing illnesses among the children. Usually, the food is unhealthy and ‘frozen’ which is disliked by the children (Kfoury & Torquarto, 2003, p.20). The food that is provided by the cafeterias is not nutritious and sometimes it is either undercooked that causes the children ill.

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