Essay: Command Line Interface and Graphical Interface

Essay: Command Line Interface and Graphical Interface
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Almost all operating system permits the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) to perform the task which can also be performed using the graphical interface. In order to compare the performance of Command Line Interface (CLI) with the GUI, few examples are presented and analyzed in the lines below.

File Management

The use of Command Line Interface (CLI) for copying of files from one subdirectory to another, offers advantages as well as disadvantages as well. The Command Line Interface (CLI) offers a simple command and parameter set for copying, moving and deleting all or selected files with matching criteria. The procedures only require one command to be executed which initiates the desired operation. An advantage of this approach is the speed with which the task is completed as compared to the same operation being performed in a graphical interface. For example, in Windows Operating System, file management operations can be performed from the command prompt by using copy, move and delete commands. These commands are supplied with parameters such as destination directory, a file list or file criteria to perform their operation. In Linux operating system, the use of command line offers much more control over file management than its Windows counterpart. It not only allows for copying, moving and deletion of files through commands such as ls, rm, and cp but the use of commands such as chgrp, chown and chmod allow allows for modification of the permission of files and directories (Thomas 2006). On the other hand, the use of graphical interface in Windows operating system requires a separate file browsing application, called file explorer to be launched first which will perform the copying operation. The process also involves a number of mouse clicks for selecting folders, files and making a menu selection. Only then the copying operation is performed. However, the use of……

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