Essay: Commercial flights are on transit throughout the day

Commercial flights are on transit throughout the day. It will happen that the flights are on even unusually early morning hours. With alcohol being served on the planes, the passengers who take it will be tempted to take it even unusually early in the morning. Some of the passengers are travelling early in early in the morning for business purposes. After taking alcohol in the flights, this may affect their business after they reach the destination. This is particularly disadvantageous on the passengers’ sides.

It is difficult to differentiate an irresponsible drinker from a responsible one. Some drinkers become violent even after taking extremely small quantities of liquor while others are exceptionally calm even after they are acutely drunk (Civil Aviation, 2001). This remains a mystery to the attendants who will not distinguish responsible drinkers from irresponsible ones. They will end up treating both different groups of passengers equally.

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