Essay: Commonly Occurring Errors in FAT

Essay: Commonly Occurring Errors in FAT
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The way that FAT32 file system allocates space and chains file together, results in several logical errors that crop up over time. These errors can sometimes occur due to some real hardware problems such as resource conflicts or bad drivers, resulting in the corruption of data on the disk. However, most of the times, these errors occur due to software fault such as program crashes leaving behind cluster that was allocated by not assigned to any file.

Sometimes, a power failure can also result in file system errors. On an operating system like Windows, several files are open for reading and writing at the same time. A sudden loss of power results in the files not being closed properly, resulting in data loss of corruption of structure of the file.   Some of the most commonly occurring problems in FAT disks are

Lost Clusters

These are the clusters which appear in the File Allocation Table as allocated but in reality, they are not assigned to any file. Lost clusters appear as a result of sudden interruption to the file activity of some kind.

Cross-Linked Files

In FAT 32 file system, sometimes, two files can end up with pointers to the same cluster on the disk. This result in a conflict as the file system cannot decide which file the cluster originally belongs to. This type of error is only corrected by the loss of contents in one or both files.

Invalid Files or Directories

On rare occasions, the internal structure of file or directories may be damaged. This may result in loss of structural information for the particular file or directory such as a pointer to the parent directory or an invalid start cluster for a file. This problem is usually fixed by any disk scanning software.

Allocation or FAT Errors

A rare error of FAT32 files system which results in the corruption of records in FAT. It leads to misinterpretation of the files lengths and the sector where they start. This problem is usually fixed by copying of information from the backup file allocation table (Kozierok).

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