Essay: Communication and Networking

Essay: Communication and Networking
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The i5/OS offers many functions and integrated capabilities that enable the System i55 servers to communication with a variety of IBM and non-IBM system, in batch or interactive modes. It also supports TCP/IP and the traditional SNA hierarchy along with SNA peer networks and System Application Architecture (SAA). The V5R4 version of i5/OS supports the second stage of multistage IPv6 delivery function. It removes a number of restrictions on from the previous version such as the number of adapters that can support IPv6 and sharing of adapters between PPPoE, IPv6, and IPv4.

In addition to this, the OS/i5 also implements a dual stack transition mechanism, which enables the application support both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously. Utilities like Enterprise Extender allows businesses, who have adopted TCP/IP as their network infrastructure, to communication using SNA-based applications. It also offers a complete APPN function, the ability to transport alert and the ability to support dependent LU sessions to host systems. Virtual Private Networks Support on OS/i5 is now capable of establishing VPNs that can traverse multiple NAT firewalls. It also includes improvements to checksum processing to support TCP/IP checksum offload when running over Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapters and the ability to define virtual IP addresses and assignment of adapters allowed to perform Proxy ARP functions on the behalf of virtual IP addresses.  In OS/i5 several systems and communication management functions are also available that can be used to manage System i55 servers. Some of these functions are available as integrated into i5/OS while the others are available as separately priced features.  These functions help to control and manage local systems and distributed system that operate within a network controlled by a separate host system or by another System i55 server. These functions include System Management in TCP/IP networks, Distributes System Node Executive and Alert Support to NetView, System/36, System 38, and System i55 (Bresenham, McClymont, Powers, Reinhardt, & Watson, 2006).

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