Essay: Communication Skills-No Idea is Baseless

Essay: Communication Skills-No Idea is Baseless
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There is sense of humor used in the book as the author tries to explain his ideas and this makes it very interesting to read. Each of the group members will have the urge of finishing reading all the issues elaborated in the book without boredom. Humorous statements explain most of the ideas and this makes it motivating for each to see himself over the pages.

For instance, the book’s writer puts it across that a person can only understand another better by seeing his point from his own reasoning and this makes it understandable that no single person’s idea is ignored. This encouragement makes each of the group members confident with his own ideas understanding that there is no single idea he raises that is considered baseless.  The self-confidence is further advocated for when he argues that one’s ideas have no meaning unless they are aired thus encouraging each to speak his mind.

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