Essay: Communication System at Deutsche Bank AG

Essay: Communication System at Deutsche Bank AG
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The Deutsche Bank AG uses a web based system for communication and data access and uploading for its operations. This system comprises of trade information tracking system call InfoTrack which is able to provide Deutsche Bank AG with a distinct competitive advantage in terms of access to the market information and the information processing. This platform was installed in 2003 in the Asian branches and operations of the Deutsche Bank AG. Later on this system was also implemented in the European and the American operations of the bank as well.

“InfoTr@ck is part of the bank’s ambitious project to revolutionize supply chain management. Its core aim is to reduce the time, expense and stress of cross-border trading. This is achieved by collating trade-related data on one web-based platform — including documentary credits, bankers’ guarantees, documentary collections, open account and shipping details.” (Trade Finance, 2005) This system is integrated with the current system which was in place at the banks making it cost effective for the bank to carry out its investment in the project.

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