Essay: Communion with God to come out of Depression

Essay: Communion with God to come out of Depression
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Optimism is often considered to be a religious trait rather than a psychological one (look at the definition by Klein). It is therefore believed that the askance of aid from God can help in depression more than anything else. The claim can be taken for its altruism as optimism also implies believing in the will of God who ‘chose to create the best possible world out of many possibilities’ (Klein, 1967). The need to engage in communion with God in one’s mind is necessary than joining a particular religious organization or perform rituals.

How a person manipulates his own state of depression to move towards optimism also depends on the age of the person and the nature of life and experiences that he/she undergoes. Among students, for instance, depression is associated with the issues of failures in the educational outcomes. When the progress in education is improved the student naturals comes out of depression but it is not guaranteed that he/she would look at the things for their positive aspects. In many cases the depressed people succeed to get away from depression but they fail to think positively which is partly owing to the lack of guidance that they seek in the course of their actions. Depressed subjects of young age face the obstacle to view things positively because they do not find supporters or guides.

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