Essay: Communities in Egypt

Essay: Communities in Egypt
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People living as farmers besides the river are known as the Fellahin (Gershoni & Jankowski, 2002). The Fellahin dwell by the river side in small villages and their homes are built out of bricks that are made out of mud and dried in the sun. As mentioned earlier, they have a huge backyard area to cook and mostly three rooms for living in these homes.

The members of the Fellahin household are expected to perform a number of tasks throughout the day such as the man of the family farm the land and yield the crop, the wife cooks, fill the water from the river and looks after the animals grazing in the fields along with her children. They enjoy getting together in unity to rejoice eat, attend carnivals at different times of the year, matrimonies, child births, and other community proceedings. Hence they are an integrated form of an Egyptian family and prefer living and enjoy together.

Bedouin is another small group of country people living together. The Bedouin are migrants who stroll around the desert with sheep, goats and camels among the most common animals reason being searching for fresh meadow (Gershoni & Jankowski, 2002). After they reach an appropriate locality, the Bedouin generally then reconcile and regulate to their new way of life. These classes still exist in Egypt and follow the same traditions and customs that were followed in the Old Egyptian Kingdom.

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