Essay: Company Soldier

Essay: Company Soldier
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The document by Sir Henry Lawrence is also of utmost importance as the Company soldier was ‘renowned for his consolidation of the British rule’ and was eminent for ‘suppressing native mutinies’ (409). The author/historian uses the words uprising or sepoy mutiny for the events of 1857 as if he, like Savage wants to escape the allegation for being a prejudiced historian and in order to sound more objective. But the words uprising and mutiny are not as neutral as they must appear to the historians.

For the word mutiny was never used by the Indian historians, rather they detested the very idea of it being called a mutiny and used the word war of Independence to assert their identity and resistance to the monopoly of the British.

If the etymology of the controversial words, mutiny, rebellion, uprising, is analyzed, it comes to light that the word mutiny stands for the rebellion or the conspiracy of the subordinates against their masters while the word rebellion means opposition to the masters, uprising has meaning similar to rebellion. The difference between the three words, uprising, rebellion and mutiny, is minimal as the main contrast comes with war of Independence.

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