Essay: Comparing insanity as the main theme in the Yellow Wallpaper

Essay: Comparing insanity as the main theme in the Yellow Wallpaper
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Though The Cask of Amontillado and The Yellow Wallpaper both demonstrates the major characters to be of dubious wisdom, they depict lunacy in a different way for men and woman. Madness in women is far more restrained than it is in men. This is mainly owed to how men and women are visualized differently. Edgar Allan Poe and Charlotte Perkins Gilman have very varied styles of writing and so write about the topic of madness differently from each other. One of the reasons was that they belonged to different periods, where men and women were treated differently.

In Cask of Amontillado, the major character is moved on by an insane want to demand revenge on Fortunato. Montresor visualizes that Fortunato has affronted him in some grave way. This is obvious in the aperture of the narrative where Montresor introduces the personality of Fortunato and pays references to much enlightenment he has previously tolerated from him. The narrator further mentions, that he has tolerated enough insult from Fortunato until now and that he could not tolerate it any further. If one was to question why Edgar Allen Poe did not reveal this information, one may think that he wanted to aim at the idea of depicting how Montresor was being an untrustworthy storyteller and did not want to illustrate the full degree of his madness. The Yellow Wallpaper portrays a woman with a theoretical anxiety as she slowly goes into a state of insanity. The heroine of the story has been having been taken away from home on a vacation, from her husband who was a doctor by profession. Because she is a female, she is shown to be delicate, and in the requirement of a man to set limitations for her. Due to the limitations put ahead of her by her loving husband she is allowed not to do a single thing that would possibly strain her weak feelings and starts to build up a harmful charm for the wallpaper in her room.

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