Essay: Comparison of Health Systems

Essay: Comparison of Health Systems
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Comparing the health systems and health of the world, the national audit office of the UK government selected 10 countries of the most developed and gave an analysis of nine universal health care systems against one non-universal ‘that is of the US’. This report ranked the United States last in the overall quality of healthcare with so many uninsured people and so many uninsured related deaths (NAO, 2003). In the year 2004, WHO, undertook a broader approach and compared the systems of 16 countries that had universal health care and compared them against that of the United States and the result still ranked the United States below other commonwealth countries in terms of health quality (WHO, 2004).

A more recent report of 2008 by commonwealth fund again ranked United States as the biggest spender in health but last in provision of quality among developed countries (Tsounta, 2009).

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