Essay: Comparison between two pictures

Essay: Comparison between two pictures
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Benjamin C. Brown

Benjamin C. Brown (1865-1942) visited Los Angeles and started working as a sketch artist in early 1886, and became a permanent resident of Los Angeles in 1896. After attaining a handful of clients for his sketches, Brown moved on to beautiful landscapes as a challenging, dynamically impressionistic approach.  An honest supporter of his own work, Brown chased an extensive and hardworking occupation, which was being one of the daring impressionists of California.

He educated arts to complement his earnings as a painter. Early in his occupation, Brown displayed his art in an art museum in New York and was gathering substantial achievement. The art traders projected that they may possibly increase their revenues on his work if he would avoid letting anyone know he was a Californian. Brown disputed this renouncement blaringly, and from that day onwards he purposely put “California” intrepidly underneath his name on the completed canvas.

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