Essay: Competition between the top six supermarkets in the UK

Customer loyalty is essential for every company that aims at making high revenues (Berdegué, 2001). Customer loyalty points have become a method through which myriads of companies have consolidated the customer base. Of particular interest are Asda and Tesco. The latter has a market share that is almost twice that of the second company in the industry i.e. Asda. Tesco’s customer loyalty points are given to customers who shop within the company and can redeem the points for rewards from cash to free shopping. This innovative idea of Tesco made it to beat the fierce rivalry of Sainsbury in the early 90’s.

The other companies also introduced similar schemes to woo customers although Tesco remains the biggest beneficiary of the innovative approach to date. The companies’ expenditure grew significantly after the introduction of the cards although the customer base equally expanded. There was a new need to bring about another cost effective of sustaining the already won customers.

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