Essay: The competitors of Western Digital

Essay: The competitors of Western Digital
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The transfer agent of Western Digital is American Stock Transfer and Trust Company. This transfer agent is located at 59 Maiden Lane, Plaza Level New York, NY 10038.


The competitors of Western Digital in the hard drive industry include Fujitsu Limited, Seagate Technology, Hitachi, ExcelStor Technology, Global Storage Technologies, Samsung Electronics Incorporated and Toshiba Corporation.

Market Information


The stock of Western Digital is listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Inc.


The current market price according to closing position on September 28, 2009 is $36.95 (Yahoo Finance, 2009).


The ticker symbol used for Western Digital Corporation is WDC (Yahoo Finance, 2009).

Internet Information


The internet address of Western Digital Corporation is


The annual report of the corporation is available online in the investor relations section of the company website.


Although financial information is available on the company website financial statements are not available separately but are included in the annual report. Financial statements are available separately on Msn money website (Msn Money, 2009).

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