Essay: Complete Data Structures, Arrays, and Modular Design

Essay: Complete Data Structures, Arrays, and Modular Design
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When considering software design, any programming language is designed to make use of statements and variables to provide functionality in the form of a computer application. When considering variables, though the programming of a simple application is not very difficult using simple variables, however, when it comes to coding large multi-layer applications, the use of simple variables does not make sense as it would complicate and lengthen an already long coding process.

Furthermore, the new software design methodologies such as object-oriented design, build up to the architecture of an application based on real life representation of objects within a system and how they interact. In order to make the process of coding simpler, complex data structures are used. These complex data structures (such as structures, unions, and objects) allow for packaging of the different simple variable in one envelope. The programmer can then shape these envelopes to represent any object which makes it easier for the programmer to match the coding to the design of the application. It also allows the programmer to write less and more meaningful code (University of Winnipeg, 2009).

An array is a complex data structure present in most of the current programming languages, which allows for consecutive storage of values having same data types. An Array makes use of an index, which is not only used to address its elements but also used to calculate their addresses. It finds its use in programming scenarios where more than one values of the same time have to be stored and accessed at runtime. An array allows for its element indices to be calculated at runtime, hence, it makes the programming simpler as a large number of elements can be accessed using a single iterative statement allowing the programmer to write the code once to perform the same operation again and again. Without the use of an array, if a program needs to store multiple values of the same type, it will have to store them in separate simple variables and any operation which needs to be performed on all of them would require separate code written for each individual variable (Deitel & Deitel, 2009). An example of how array works can be a street with houses. The street name can be thought of as the array name while the houses represent each element of the array. Suppose you want to send a letter to each house on the street. You can observe that each house has the same structure (data type) and that they only differ in their addresses (indices). This makes the process of sending letters to all of the house very easy and quick as you would only need to change the house number when writing the address on the envelope (Dromy, 1991).

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