Essay: Computer Architecture-IBM z9 Mainframe

Essay: Computer Architecture-IBM z9 Mainframe
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The IBM System z9 is a line of mainframes that was introduced by IBM in 2005. With System z9 IBM replaced its previous its zSeries lines of server bringing the zSeries as well as eSeries naming convention to an end. It provides a strong combination of mainframe characteristics from past systems combined with new functionalities which were designed around scalability, availability, and security.

The System z9 further evolves the previous versions of mainframes by resolving memory, processor and channel constraints present in previous systems while still remaining backward compatible. It extends and provides key platform characteristics such as flexible and dynamic partitioning, resource management in unpredictable workload environments, provides scalability, availability as well as system and security management. It is also the last series of mainframes based on z/Architecture.

Today’s businesses have begun their transformation toward on-demand business model, which has enabled them to predict and respond to changes by being dynamic and flexible,  to lower cost while managing risks, and, gain greater transparency and control along with less complicated management.  For this, they need a solution which would not only offer them an enhanced and flexible performance but also allow them to handle to perform their functions at a minimum cost. The System z9 system offers an extensive selection of granularity with regards to capacity as well as a new specialty processor feature which not only allow businesses to align their priorities and processes but also enables them to deploy their workload at a much low cost of ownership. The System z9 mainframes have been built by using an approach which not only signifies the importance of the system as a whole but also emphasizes the interdependence of its components.  This synergetic design and development approach enables the components of System z9 to support each other while contributing towards delivering additional values to businesses.

IBM, till now, has released two models for its System z9 series of mainframes. The System z9 Enterprise Class is designed for large organizations and provides transactional performance that is double of the most powerful configuration of its predecessor, the zSeries z990. It is available in 5 configurations. The System z9 Business Class is a mid-range system which provides a lower cost of acquisition with a significantly improved performance that is twice of zSeries z890. This model is available in two configurations (Ogden, Gasparovic, & White, 2007).

This paper will provide a detailed description of System z9 architecture. It will provide information about z/Architecture and will discuss the system structure and its components in detail. Topics covered in this paper will include Books, Memory, Frames, I/O system, Channel Subsystem as well as Instruction-set and Memory Addressing.

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