Essay: Computer Operations

Essay: Computer Operations
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Computers are perhaps the most important invention of the past century. They are able to do complex tasks with great ease and speed while allowing multiple tasks to be performed on the same computer. Though looking at the tasks which they perform and they speed at which they operate, employing a computer to do a task may make them seem complex, but in fact, all their abilities are based on simple operations that they are able to perform with speed. There are six basic operations that are found in every computing device regardless of its size, computation power and capacity.

These basic operations are used by all most all the program that are installed and run on computers.  One of the six basic operations of a computer is Input, that is, every computer is able to take in information. This basic operation allows a computer program to perform processing on user supplied data. The data enters the computer through the input devices such as keyboards and modems attached to it through which the user of the computer program interacts. This operation is part of the input component of the program. The computers are also able to store the data from the installed programs as well as data coming in from input devices in the memory within the computer. This operation is used by a computer program to hold information to be used later. Furthermore, the computers have the capability of performing tasks on the inputted data through commands as well as the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations on them. This allows computer programs to perform tasks involving calculations much quickly than they would take if performed manually. In addition, they are also able to repeat groups of tasks and actions as well as process the input to create information or data, a functionality which is very important for decision base execution of a computer program as well for performing repeated tasks. All these functionalities are performed in the processing component of a program. Furthermore, these computers are capable of outputting the processed data and information, through the output devices such as a printer or computer screen attached to the computer. This functionality of the computer is found in the output component of the computer and is used by a computer program to present the processed data or information to the user (Seattle Central Community College, 2004).

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