Essay: Computer Security Audit

Essay: Computer Security Audit
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1.2. The Current Physical Security

The laptop is in a room located in Fullerton, in a safe environment. The access to a laptop is only limited to people who get permission to enter the house. The house itself is protected by a security alarm system and strangers cannot enter the house without the permission of the owner.

1.3. Current Users and Usage

This laptop is mostly used for Internet access. Internet activities include browsing websites for news and information for academic purposes, checking email on Hotmail and Yahoo! as well as browsing YouTube for entertainment purpose. The laptop has Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk IM installed, both frequently used for chatting. The laptop has one account with the privileges of Administrator which can be used for account management, reading and writing data on the hard drive as well as controlling processes in the memory.

1.4. Current Value of Data

The data currently stored on the laptop can be categorized into several categories with regards to its worth. These are

Very Valuable Data comprises of files which contain personal information as well as academic information which is of high importance to the owner of the laptop. The data can be moved but deletion desires discretion. The integrity of this data is very important to be ensured.

Valuable Data include system files and folders which are necessary for the system to function properly. This data cannot be moved or deleted; otherwise, it will leave the system broken.

Important Data included software that runs on the laptop to provide various functionalities. Deletion or Moving of this data would hamper the functionalities provided by the system.

Removable Data included redundant copies files, Temporary files such as Internet cache and files in the Recycle bin.

1.5. Current Practices and Procedures

Access Security

The computer access is protected by a password. All sites containing private data, such as mail websites and subscribed information portals also require a password for access.

Software Upgrades

Keeping in mind the ever present danger of attacks, the Windows operating system is set to automatically update itself with patches to protect from known security flaws. The security software also automatically updates its definitions to the most current version on daily basis.


No backup software is used for backing up of data. Important data is written to CDs and DVD whenever a need is felt.

1.6. Current Security Controls

The laptop is protected by McAfee Internet Security Suite which has both anti-virus software and firewall built-in. The Windows firewall has been disabled to avoid conflict with McAfee applications.

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