Essay: Computer Systems Architecture

Essay: Computer Systems Architecture
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Today’s organizations employ the new technologies in order to boost their businesses. Many organizations use software to automate their tasks which required specialized software development to suit the software to the requirements of the stakeholders. Designing and development of a new system require identification of issues related to that particular organization and its business and different methods and processes are followed in order to design the best solution. In this assignment, we try to understand the design process and issues faced by the design team in detail, by using the example of CIMB Bank.

How does your team understand about software processes and the architecture business cycle?

In any organization where a software system is being developed, its architecture will not only be influenced by the environment it is implemented in but the architecture will also influence the environment in certain ways. This cycle of influence is known as Architecture Business Cycle.  For any developmental effort in CIMB Bank, the requirement will explicitly set only some of the desired properties that are required for the system. Other properties are defined or restrained by factors present in the environment of the CIMB Bank. To get a complete understanding of the architecture business cycle at CIMB Bank, the team would need to identify and understand the interest of people and organization that have an interest in the development of the system.

For example, for developing an account transaction processing system for CIMB Bank, the stakeholders would include cashiers and management level employees from their general banking department which would demand properties such as reliability, availability, and performance of the system. The team would need to understand their goals and concerns and documents them as well in the requirements document. Another factor that plays a key role in architecture business cycle is the structure of the organization. The architecture of a proposed system has also influenced the structure of the organization which developing the system. In the case of CIMB Bank, the team would already have knowledge the services that our software development company provides. Any additional functionality requested by CIMB Bank would require outsourcing part of the development to the specialized developer and hence influence the architecture of the system to allow isolation of desired functionalities. Another important factor in architecture business cycle will be the technical expertise of the architect. The design of the architecture will be influenced by the qualification, training, experience to successful architectural patterns and systems that were developed poorly or well. An architect may also get influence from standard industry practices and software engineering techniques that are used commonly in the architect’ professional community.

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