Essay: Computer Technology and the Networked Organization

Essay: Computer Technology and the Networked Organization
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In today’s world, Information Technology plays an important role in driving the organization to achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner. Tools made available through Information Technology not only enhance the productivity of the employees within an organization but also allow the organization to implement cost-saving and greener measure by cutting down on infrastructure (Khosrowpour, 2006). In an office environment, the effects of Information Technology are not limited to the performance of employees, it also significantly affects the design of the workspace. The converse of it is true is as well. In an office, change in the interaction between different department, introduction or succession of processes as well change in the organizational hierarchy can bring in a dramatic change in the Information Technology infrastructure deployed in an organization.

Among the many complicating factors in office design is the new technology. Now in the new office design, instead of just making sure of the electrical, phone, power, and lighting and heating-cooling, the office must also support networks, data as well as communication technology for each of workspace (Wallace, 2000).

In the case of Oticon, its CEO in 1988 Lars Kolind, introduced several organizational and technological changes in the company in order to get Oticon back on to its feet successfully within two years. The changes introduced by Lars Kolind were truly representative of his motto at that this “Think the unthinkable” and demonstrated good examples of how workspace change and technological change affect each other.

The changes brought in by Lars Kolind increased the competitiveness of the organization by utilizing and technological resources of the organization in an efficient way, which reduced the overhead cost of tasks, which at times exceeded the actual production costs. For example, he introduced a hierarchical job structure with a project-based organization where each employee of Oticon was involved in one or more project simultaneously. This encouraged the sharing of Information Technology resources among employee, where a single computer was used to work on three different projects, cutting the investment made in technology at Oticon.  Furthermore, the reduction in the workforce also means less technological resources were required by the organization.

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