Essay: Computer Technology and the Networked

Essay: Computer Technology and the Networked
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Wikipedia defines itself as a collaborative, multilingual, free content encyclopedia which is aimed at providing people with comprehensive knowledge on all topics that they want to know about.  Wikipedia serves as a tool which organizes information into articles. These articles are created and maintained by thousands of users and editors worldwide who work voluntarily with Wikipedia to keep the information of the website current. Topics of these articles range from general articles on various aspects of everyday life to very specialized one on almost all fields of education.

This makes Wikipedia not only suitable for the general public but also for specialized research, who can use the information and references present in the articles to enhance their knowledge. All articles on the Wikipedia website are open for editing which means that Wikipedia invites anyone and everyone to contribute positively to the website (, 2010).

Being an encyclopedia of the topic and a serious source of information, Wikipedia website has a very sober interface with minimal graphics and multimedia usage on pages in order to make them load faster. The use of graphics and other multimedia is only restricted to within the articles or on the front page, where the feature makes their use compulsory (Jenkins, 2009). The website gives out a huge amount of information guiding the users on how to use and contribute to the website, which include article writing structure, referencing styles, linking of articles with each, use of advanced features such as tables, formatting of article pages and the usage of graphics and other copyright material on the website. Each article on the Wikipedia Website has a discussion page associated with it, which is used by article contributors to discuss the addition of new information as well as to improve the quality of the article (, 2010).

While browsing the Wikipedia website, one that can be noticed very clearly is the broad horizon of knowledge that the collection of its articles covers. Much of the articles contain information which is cited with an external reference, which can be used for verification of the piece of information for which it was cited. This feature of Wikipedia serves to increase the credibility of the Website as an authentic source of information and the presence of articles on specialized topics makes it very useful to students as a point from which both information and other references for the information can be obtained. During the visit to the website, the Featured Article section was looked at which contained some of best articles on Wikipedia and serve as an excellent source of information on different topics (Broughton, 2008). Another feature that was recognized to be followed in the future visits was the Featured Picture link. The Featured Picture section contains photos that are recognized as exceptional by the users of Wikipedia and are among the best photos available on the Internet (, 2010). Of the many interesting facts about Wikipedia, one is its availability in multiple languages. Wikipedia maintains hundreds of separate portals for articles written in different languages, which each portal having thousands of articles (, 2010).

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