Essay: How Computer Viruses Spread

Essay: How Computer Viruses Spread
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Even though pure Computer Viruses are categorized according to their function, it’s important to keep in mind that viruses do not work unless they are attached to another program. Today in the modern PC market networked computer have created greater avenues for viruses to infect other computers. They can spread themselves through the internet and online services, e-mail and its attachments, storage media containing the virus and shareware (O’Brien & Marakas, 2008 p. 381). The trend of using E-mails as a primary vector for sending viruses began around the 90s (Thomas Chen, 2004).

From the 70s, once the concept of networks was embedded in societal culture. The number of networks which were created to cater to the public steadily increased. The Open system interconnect was also developed to facilitate the connections between these networks. Because of this ability for millions of users to connect to each other, Viruses could easily spread through their networks and infect other users. This network can be in the form of the internet or a personal area network (Hubbard, 1998).

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