Essay: The Concept of God in Sikhism

Essay: The Concept of God in Sikhism
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Sikh’s thought about God are that contemplation of a man towards universe makes him feel propelled towards a supreme power. The creator does not put up with his creation but saturates through it. They have an anthropomorphic concept that humanity and God should dually be familiarized to a man. Also the known fact regarding Sikhs is that creation of God is nothing but his own transformation. These transformations are not eternal like Him but ephemeral (Smith).

Hinduism considers God as a supreme being and there is also the personal God’s concept which is an individual practice. This individual practice can be an outcome of love or fear. God is further than any shape, form or color like nirguna-the attribute less god. Another God with form that picks out human pickups is known are saguna-the god having good….

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